Cravats, Ties, Bow Ties, cuff-links & socks

We have a huge choice of colours in our cravats, ties and bow ties for men and boys.

At Empire you can supply a swatch for us to match to your colour theme. Our cravats are pre tied and attach easily with hooks to ensure you do not get too flustered on the day and you all have the same size knots. 

Dark Gold Cravat
Mocha Cravat
Latte Cravat
Golden Cravat
Bamboo Cravat
Blush Cravat
Baby Pink Cravat
Pink Cravat
New Blush Cravat
Peach Cravat
Apricot Cravat
Vintage Pink Cravat
New Coral Cravat
Rose Petal Cravat
Coral Cravat
Dark Coral Cravat
Coral Reef Cravat
Guava Cravat
Scarlet Cravat
Letterbox Red Cravat
Mandarin Cravat
Apple Cravat
Burgundy Cravat
Wine Red Cravat
Berry Cravat
Sangria Cravat
Plum Cravat
Fuchsia Cravat
Magenta Cravat
Watermelon Cravat
Bubblegum Cravat
Rose Cravat
Wild Berry Cravat
Grape Cravat
Cadbury Cravat
Freesia Cravat
Lavender Cravat
Periwinkle Cravat
Lilac Cravat
Baby Blue Cravat
Sky Blue Cravat
Oasis Cravat
Teal Green Cravat
Mint Cravat
Jade Green Cravat
Mermaid Cravat
Aqua Cravat
Turquoise Cravat
Teal Blue Cravat
Cornflower Cravat
Royal Cravat
Farmhouse Cravat
Bottle Green Cravat
Clover Cravat
Fern Cravat
Willow Cravat
Lime Cravat
Olive Cravat
Sage Cravat
Navy Cravat
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Pewter Cravat
Black Satin Cravat
Truffle Cravat
Chocolate Cravat
Cognac Cravat
Buttercup Cravat
Summer Cravat
Banana Cravat
Champagne Cravat
White Cravat
Ivory Cravat
Mauve Cravat
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Daffodil Cravat
Antique Gold Cravat
Sunbeam Cravat
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Explore our wide range of adjustable, pre tied bow ties​.

Berry Black Bow Tie
Cadburys Black Bow Tie
Fuchsia Black Bow Tie
Turquoise Black Bow Tie
Black Lattice Bow Tie
Black Velvet Bow Tie
Black Satin Bow Tie
Black Scroll Bow Tie
Turquoise Black Bow Tie
Cadburys Black Bow Tie
Apple Black Bow Tie
Wine Black Bow Tie
Scarlet Red Black Bow Tie
Royal Black Bow Tie
Fuchsia Black Bow Tie
Sage Black Bow Tie
Ivory Scroll Bow Tie
Antique Gold Bow Tie
Silver Bow Tie
White Marcella Bow Tie
Blush Bow Tie
New Apricot Bow Tie
Lilac Bow Tie
Pink Bow Tie
New Coral Bow Tie
Coral Reef Bow Tie
Coral Bow Tie
Bubblegum Bow Tie
Fuchsia Bow Tie
Mandarin Bow Tie
Letterbox Red Bow Tie
Apple Red Satin Bow Tie
Burgandy Red Bow Tie
Sangria Bow Tie
Grape Bow Tie
Navy Bow Tie
Royal Blue Bow Tie
Oasis Bow Tie
Bottle Green Bow Tie
Turquoise Bow Tie
Mint Jade Bow Tie
Aqua Bow Tie
Cornflower Blue Bow Tie
Baby Blue Bow Tie
Sky Blue Bow Tie
Sage Bow Tie
Summer Bow Tie
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Cufflinks with 35 different titles available. 

Wedding socks come in Black, Navy and Charcoal.

Father Of The Bride
Best Man
Father Of The Groom
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Tie sets available in different colours.

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Bubblegum Cravat